Digital Marketing

Digital marketing such an interesting sector for me who has background in programming, but I do love more digital marketing than programming. I learn social media influencing, content creating, copy writing, and more specific like instagram marketing, and facebook ads. I highly opened to discuss about it.


Entrepreneur life is always in my circle, since I’m being student I love to selling food to earn some additional income. Then now I’m working in technology industry was challenge me to innovate project like application or web solution, I’m very welcome to sharing though about idea or project startup with you.

Community Development

I’m eager to involve with my environment specifically Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. Giving this limited life to spread goodness and meaning contribution. Building the teenager’s character spiritually and inspiration with my beloved organization Generasi Madani Tasikmalaya , Let’s take a small single steps every day to spread the positive vibes.


Welcome to my site! Please enjoy there are all about my though, opinions and creation. Feel free to explore my website, it was copyrighted contents so if you want re-blog or share my content, please wisely add the sources. Thanks